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Thursday, 30 September 2010

The sparkle of Decorex

Along with going to 100% Design, I love going to Decorex. The good thing about these two trade shows is that they are complementary, and Decorex is fantastic to see up to date home furnishing, furniture, lighting.... Decorex is my other favourite show to go to, and this year again, it kept all its promises. Once again, it would be impossible to make an exhaustive list of all the interesting things I have seen there, and I had the (very) difficult task of choosing only a few beautiful and interesting products I wanted to talk about after my visit there.

I am going to start with a way to accommodate antiques in a different way. The pieces are crated by "Antiques by design" and could bring humour and style to a classic interior. (I asked before taking the photo, and the lady sitting there was completely fine with it!)

To carry on the same sort of line, "The general book works" proposes to decorate your walls with false books (new or old), and even if I would rather have real books, I liked the secret style door, hidden by the books.

To stay in the "bizarre" style, look at Boca do Lobo strange and weird furniture. beautifully original.

This seat made by Christopher Guy, won't have its place in every house, but it certainly has a grand style, and is extremely comfortable!

Less grand, but beautiful in the detail is the armchair by Helen Amy Murray and its sculptural upholstery. A thin layer of foam gives the three dimension of the cut flowers. The result is a really lovely piece of furniture that you are sure not to see everywhere.

If you would like a something very special for your walls, it is now possible to design from scratch your wall covering using tiles, wall paper and other panels, as proposed by Surface View, I really liked the colourful tiles and their retro motif as well as the beautiful retro canvass. This opens up a world of possibilities to create a fully original interior.

This settee made by Pinch is less spectacular than others seen at Decorex this year, but I loved its delicate simplicity and the unhidden influence from the Arts and Craft movement. Maybe the covering used in here wouldn't be my first choice, but there is something in this little sofa that really attracted me... Lovely!

There we many lights presented at Decorex, and to choice only one or two to show in here was a difficult choice to make!
First I would like to show these two fittings by Serip, spectacular and delicate.

This is at the same time a sculpture and a light, with the particularity to descend from the ceiling instead or growing from the floor.
And the last but not the least, this incredible fitting from Illuminati S.R.L. in its golden or white covering with one or two levels, simply stunning.

Once again, I so much enjoyed my visit to Decorex that my eyes are still full with all the sparkles and beauty I have seen. There would be many other pieces of furniture, lights, flooring, fabrics to talk about, but this post is not aim to be a catalogue of what happened there, but more a way to share what I enjoyed the most.
Thanks to these two shows, my batteries are now fully recharged with an incredible sort of energetic inspiration tickling me with the urge to create something beautiful......hum... I have to go now!!!



  1. I like your taste! I would have chosen exactly the same objects. I simply adore the faux bookcase door, the decadent seat and great lights too. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Thank you so much for an interesting post - great to see, especially for those of us who were not able to go.

  3. Great overview of the show. You really captured the most interesting thing there.