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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Visit to 100% Design 2010

100% Design is one of my favourite show, it is always full of new and intriguing things for interior designers. As usual, I came back from the show with new inspiration, my eyes full of sparkles, and I have decided to talk about the products I have found the most striking, as it would be difficult and too long to talk about all the very interesting things one can see out there.

Whatever I do, I am always influenced by my scientific background, and it was no surprise that I found myself naturally attracted by the work of a young artist who mixes scientific observation and art. The result is intriguing sculptures using gravity, light... His name is Balint Bolygo

Lighting is one of my favourite subject in interior design, as I strongly believe that a fabulous scheme can appear to be only medium if badly light, whereas an average scheme can appear fantastic under the right lights. During this visit I was happy to see that LED are now offering a warmer range of colour and might be used inside the house in a living room. before I use it, I would like to see it on site first, as I wouldn't like my clients to look like ghosts while saving money under a brand new LED lighting installation (there is more about lighting to finish the visit!).

Accent lighting is a powerful tool to create a special atmosphere for your home, and when I saw penelope Batley's work, I had to stay and have a chat with her about her fabulous "light humour"! Her big necklace and earing lights are just stunning, and I can't wait to use one of Penelope's creation for a future client!

I recently wrote about the benefits of having plants inside the house, not only are they a beautiful addition to the decor, they also actively participate to the quality of the air inside the house. Even though I had already seen some green walls, I couldn't resist taking picture of this one, which can be installed inside your house. The whole system is entirely automated, so the plants will happily prosper. I can easily imagine such a wall in a bathroom, or why not a big living room.

A wall not well established and a wall fully established

When we live in a flat where our unique link to the outside is a terrace or a balcony, what a beautiful way to decorate it or create privacy using the screen and decorations presented by logical space.

If you have backaches or difficulties to keep the best posture while seating, you might find the Wooridul chair very helpful. I couldn't resist trying it when I saw its funny shape, and wondered if it would do what it said... And I must say I was positively impressed by its comfort while keeping your posture the way it should be!

I will now finish with sparkle of the incredible light fitting I have seen at the show.

First this clever (and "green") way of illuminating your room with natural light, with the sun tunnel. Natural light is very important for our biological clock to work at its best, this tunnel is an elegant way to bring natural light in any room.

If you like grand lights sparkling and shining... then you will like the lights made by La Murrina, absolutely stunning.

Of course,this is a very short tour of what I have seen at 100% Design. The variety of products is as always very big and so enjoyable to look at. The sad thing is that I now have a full year to wait before the next 100% Design show!


Emmanuelle Lemoine

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  1. I loved the Penelope Batley's neckless light. I wish I had a house big enough for one of those lights!