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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

New year resolutions: What about de-cluttering?

With the New year we all make many sorts of resolution and one of them should be about getting rid of our clutter: if there is a bad word in a house, “Clutter” should be one of  the worst!
Haven’t we all been invaded by clutter at least once… or more? How can we fight with such an insidious enemy?
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Whenever I am called by new clients, they always mention that they don’t want the clutter anymore; they want clever and spacious storage and feel the space in their house. And I agree that clever storage is important, but sadly even with the biggest storage available, clutter might still win the fight if actions are not taken. I still remember that after creating a new living space for a client, with adequate and hidden storage, I almost cried when I visited her after the project was finished and she had gone back into her house, as the lovely d├ęcor was again viciously spoilt by clutter…

So, let’s accept it, Clutter is watching us and always ready to spread in our life. Knowing this we have to take actions, as it is recognised that being surrounded by clutter is not good in many different ways: first of all it doesn’t look good, and secondly it affects the whole energy of your space (to know more about this, read some books about feng shui for the home).
Clutter can also spread inside our cupboards, where it is hidden, but it is still there. SO let’s take some actions:
 We have to think about what we want to be surrounded with. If our drawers are full of items we haven’t used for a long time, the question is: “Do I really need this?” And if you are about to answer “Oh, but we never know, just in case…” then it means that you should simply get rid of this object as it is a disguised soldier of Master Clutter.
We sometimes feel we should keep an object, such as the hideous vase given by Auntie A.  I believe that we should only surround ourselves by object we like, objects we find beautiful, and get rid of any disgraceful item.
Now, when you decided to de-clutter a space in your house, take at least three sorts of boxes: the one to throw with the main rubbish, one for re-cycling and one for the charity shop or the things you can give away or, why not, re-sell. You don’t like these object (or don’t use them anymore), but they might suit somebody else perfectly and get a second life.
After you have managed to de-clutter, it is good to have a strategy to prevent the return of any clutter. For this purpose, you can have a special basket or box, that you keep in the same place, and that you fill with items that have gone into the clutter pile. And then once a week (or second week, or more if you want) you can get rid of these either by throwing them away or recycling them or giving them away.
You will notice straight after you have de-clutter a space in your home that you feel so much lighter, better, full of renewed energy! So, why not giving it a try!

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