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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How to green up your house in 6 steps

Greening up your house doesn't mean making big expenses, even though you would save energy and have a more efficient house by adding extra heat insulation for example, or  you could install solar panel and many other things. Here I only want to focus on very simple things that we don’t necessarily do, just because we are taken by our very busy lifestyle, and we just didn’t think about it. Following are 6 very easy steps to follow in order to start being more environmentally responsible.

1. Make sure you recycle easy to re-cycle things such as paper, plastics, glass, metal etc. Have an extra bin in the kitchen to gather all these clean “rubbish” and give put them into your green bin outside (Here in London, there is now an active collection of recyclable items, once a week, same time as normal rubbish)

2.  Make sure you switch all un-necessary  lights off, and talk about it with your children, they will be much more inclined to help out with this when they know it is important not to waste any electricity. Try to switch off any TV, Hi-Fi, and Computer that stay on standby all the time. If you can’t switch them off and on all the time, why not use a timer that will save you from doing it all the time.

3.  Have the WIFI on timer as well: you don’t need the WiFi at certain times of the day, such as night time or when you are away. It saves energy, and if you switch the device at night time, it gives the whole family a break in receiving all these additional electronic waves…

4. Replace the washer of any dripping tap as drop by drop, there will be a lot of water wasted if you don’t take action.

5.  Draw your curtains at night in order to keep the warmth in.
6. Set up the heating of the house to the minimum temperature you are comfortable with, in winter, and add an extra jumper on

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