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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Advice on a living room

I am always asked to show before and after photos, and until recently I didn't have either the before or the after photos... So here is a time I have a before photo of a living room window:

As you have noticed, it is a bay window that needs help in order to show what it really is, a beautiful bay window. The windows looks to a quiet road, and the owner is not keen on voile curtains, which are not really needed either. There is a radiator, that shouldn't be covered, so we make sure the room will be heated properly in winter, and energy won't be wasted. There is a settee in front of the window that needed attention as well.
I propose the owner to have roman blinds, lined with an insulating fabric, in order to keep the heat inside the house in winter when the blinds are drawn. We chose a fabric with a pattern in warm colours to keep a feeling of warmth in the room, even in winter.
As it is a space to relax as well, we didn't want to add too much red, which is a stimulating colour, but just enough to keep you warm
The settee was dressed in a stripy fabric to match the blind fabric, and here is the result:

I think the space looks now comfortable and warm, and makes justice to the window and the rest of the room.
Emmanuelle Lemoine

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