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Monday, 25 November 2013

When an Interior Designer Designs her own home Part 5

Trials and tribulations Part 5

It has been a wonderful summer in our new home, so much so, we have not even felt the need to go away on holiday. In our previous house it was necessary to get out of the country twice a year!

There has been one lurking issue – the continuous smell of damp/drains in one of our en suite bathrooms. Try as we might, noses in cupboards and bottles of bleach, although we did notice a patch of damp at the back of one of our cupboards. We just could not locate where it was coming from so the builder was duly called to refit all the toilets and seal around the pipes. Husband purchased an expanding foam gun, every gap now looks as though yellow candy floss is oozing, we are now hermetically sealed!

Still the smell persisted, it even got worse.

About a week ago I noticed one of the LED brick lights in our shower cubical was developing a brown 'bloom' inside. We called the electrician. He was not available so my husband removed the lights and to our horror discovered that they had NEVER been correctly sealed into the wall and incorrect non waterproof cables connections had been made. This also explained why the electricity supply had tripped out earlier in the year. Quite a substantial amount of water had entered the light fitting and the wall and this was causing the damp smell. The fittings have now been correctly wired and resealed and our bathroom now smells beautiful.

Be warned that lights installed in a shower cubicle MUST be correctly connected and sealed!
Anne Stuart

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