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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Tips to get through the winter

Its February and that time of the year when thoughts turn to sprucing up our homes. The weather may have other ideas but it is nice to make small improvements ready for when the sun does eventually make an appearance.

So, it time to get cheerful! Small changes even at this time of the year will help to get rid of the winter blues and get ready for the warm sunshine of spring.

Here are some inexpensive quick tip ideas to get ready for spring.

  • rearrange and wash ornaments. Now I am not a fan of many ornaments but some people feel more secure with all their paraphernalia around them, so if some prefer it that way, that’s ok. Most of my ornaments are tucked away in cupboards so when I feel like a change I swap the odd one or two, it makes a world of difference.

  • New fresh pillowcases on the bed.

  • Buy a few fresh potted herbs from the supermarket and put them on the inside windowsill, when the weather gets warmer they can go on the outside.

  • Buy or make a couple of new cushions to put on the settee. Orange is making a comeback, would look gorgeous teamed with turquoise.

  • Rearrange some furniture, if you have too much furniture sell it.

  • If you are lucky enough to have parquet floors, remove the carpet.

  • It is not a big job to repaint the kitchen cupboard doors, you will feel like you have a new kitchen – I did!

  • Quick fix for the bathroom, bleach or re-grout the tiles.

  • Clean the inside of the windows, its amazing how much more light will come in.

  • Consider investing in under bed storage.

  • Buy a mirror, brings the outside in, makes rooms bigger and brighter.

  • instead of filing favourite photos in an album, frame them. New wall hangings will freshen your walls.

If anybody has any other tips, please share them! We would love to add them to the list.

Anne Stuart

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