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Thursday, 23 May 2013

The May Design series 2013

You know how much I love lights, so no surprise that I always make a special effort to go to the Arc show, in order to look at all the flickering glitters of lights and light fittings... So this year again I went there, but the Arc show was part of what is called the May series, where you can also see bedroom, bathroom and other stuff. No, I didn't forget the kitchens... but really in term of kitchen I thought it was so poor and boring that I'd rather not even mention them (and you know I love kitchens!).

So... let's go to our lights. This year I had a special purpose to visit this show, as I wanted to check the novelties in term of recessed down lighters, stair lights and so on... that I need to use in a special project. Of course I already have installed fantastic recessed down lighters warm LED... but I like to keep updated.

I am not sure you want to know about all the different sorts of LED fittings, so I will pass on this, but believe me there are so many nice fittings available now!

There was a beautiful demonstration of the importance of the warmth of the light. I am not sure my photo does it any justice, but I tried... as I wanted to show how different is a warm and a cold light so can see for yourself under which light you'd rather want to see yourself or your family.

As you can try to see the light goes from yellow for 2300K to almost blue at 5000K.
Let's go back to light fittings, the LED one:
They do all sorts of nice fittings, that could go anywhere in the house.
I can see this colourful one (you choose your colours) in a child's bedroom, so playful!
Then you had the very spectacular light by Sharon Marston http://www.sharonmarston.com/
Believe me, these fittings, even though not for every house, are simply real beauties.

 As I already said, the show was not only about lighting, there were some nice pieces of furniture as well.
First of all this very original seat... I don't know about you, but I personally love books, and I must admit that I can't resist books and they are all over the place in my house. So I love the idea of this very functional sort of throne seat, surrounded by shelving, so you are sure to always have the book you are reading next to you...
Seat from Nobody & Co http://www.nobodyandco.it/en
And of course there were all the other beautiful seats including these ones from Killymoon http://www.killymoonliving.com/

As we are talking about seats, I want you to notice this antithesis of Ikea : these seats and beautiful furniture are created by the Danish designer Hans J. Wegner. The wood is incredibly soft, and is just beautifully perfect. I sat in this chair:
and believe me, it is the most comfortable chair I ever sat in! Well this type of furniture has a price... which we can't all afford, sadly!

Another settee from the same designer, this valet chair: it is at the same time a beautiful chair on which one can seat
and can be used as a valet (just lift the seat up) where your trousers and jacket will seat while you are not wearing them.

There were as well some beautiful rugs,  the sort you want to walk bare feet on, just try to lye on them... unfortunately it is not the sort of thing you are expected to do in this sort of show. The one you can see are from Deirdre Dyson http://www.deirdredyson.com/


Of course, this is again my biased view of the May Design series, I hope you have enjoyed my visit!

Emmanuelle Lemoine



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