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Monday, 1 October 2012

Decorex 2012 part one (lighting)

This year, the weather was dreadful the day I had planned to go to Decorex. But even if it had snowed, I would have happily travelled to the Royal Chelsea Hospital to see the show!

The entrance was not as grandiose as it normally is, but I loved the sculpture found in the show by Christopher Guy

...which reminds us also that we have to be careful with what we buy and what we do after we have finished with it, as we can't all create this sort of art piece!

Decorex always brings the same luxury and beauty that everyone would like to bring to their interiors, and this year was no exception. Let's start with one of my favourite subject, the lighting.
Here are some of the products that have attracted my eye:

These beautiful fittings are from Elstead lighting ( http://www.elsteadlighting.com/index.php)

Elstead has also designed some fittings for Harlequin:

There was also the impression collection of Baroncelli (http://www.baroncellidesign.com/)

Serip (http://www.serip.com.pt/), was there again with some more incredible pieces

If you are looking for stylish and affordable look at R V Astley (http://www.rvastley.co.uk/), we were amazed by their range of both lights and furniture

For incredible glamour look at Sharon Marston (http://www.sharonmarston.com/Homepage.htm)

And of course David Hunt (http://davidhunt-lighting.com/) and his beautiful display, not to forget that these stylish fittings are also very affordable!

I shall talk about the other items that have attracted my eyes in the next post. watch this space!

Emmanuelle Lemoine

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