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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Decorex 2012 part 2

Of course, Decorex is more than lighting! There are many ranges of furniture, wall covering, fabrics, rugs... I can't show them all here so here are some I liked:

If you like walking bare feet, then you have to touch and try walking on these luxurious rugs by Matthew Wailes, a mixture of silk and luxurious wool:

What do you think about this retro looking interior by "La Fibule" ? (www.lafibule.fr) I love it!

And of course, every year we are all wondering what Andrew Martin has prepared for us! This year again, Andrew Martin's show place was unexpected and spectacular, reminding us its futurist but classic designs:

Now if you have the doors that go with it, look at these incredible door handles from Philip Watt

When I saw this set of furniture, I thought about a friend of mine (another talented interior designer based in the US http://www.facebook.com/aroomforfrances) who loves this very claming and comforting style by Leporello Furniture

And I would like to finish the visit with Kandola and their very luxury (but still affordable) range of wall covering, furnishing. Absolutely beautiful!

This end the visit of Decorex 2012 which was as enjoyable as ever. I hope you liked it as well!

Emmanuelle Lemoine

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