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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Eco-friendly Refurbishment of a Ladies powder room - Part2 Upstairs

Upstairs are the facilities, and the décor had lost its glory. The big marble vanity looked tired and the wall paper had given up against the repetition of contact with water. The colours had passed, it was time was a good lifting!

So you understand better the space available, here is a plan of the space, with the proposed design. There are three cubickes in the main room, and a fourth cubicle a bit further back. The corridor-like space leading to the fourth cubicle was used for ladies to get changed into their evening clothes when needed, and therefore needed to offer some privacy. The old design provided privacy with a system of curtains that we have now replaced with a sliding door.

Let's start with the main room. We have continued the bright and light feminine colour scheme from the downstairs, and have introduced a stunning wall paper which has inclusions of swarovski crystals. The marble vanity unit was changed for a bespoke wooden vanity, with bowl shaped washing basin and automatic raps. Glamorous mirrors with silver frames were added to add a very luxurious feel.
We played with the lighting in the cubicles, with LED stripes, which create a very atmospherical touch. The same carpet tiles as downstairs add interest.

A sleek and elegant console table provides a focal point, and is a good place for a last check in the mirror or for a make up re-touch.

Plenty of mirrors allow the light to bounce and make the room bright and spacious.
This is are two views of the space leading to the fourth cubicle before the refurbishment. As you can see it looks dull and the curtains look messy, not too mention the cluttered wall next to the basin.
 Here is the after view of the same place. A triangular shaped vanity was design in order to provide an easy traffic flow and avoid any risk of bruising in this small space while reaching the fourth cubicle.

The triangular table is a good place to seat down and apply make up or re-do one hairstyle (the hair dryer is accessible and hidden on the side below the table of the table). Here again the lighting plays an important role and makes the space look bright and bigger than before.

An additional tap for drinking water was installed. The same mirrors (at different height according to the use) bring  glamour and elegance to this small space, and reflect the sparkle of the swarovski crystal incrusted in the wall paper.

There is a continuity of style between downstairs and upstairs, with the same colour scheme, brightness and elegance. As a result the space feels much bigger and much more comfortable.
Such a project without a good team wouldn't be possible, so I want to thank my incredible builder who has been an absolute resource: Thank you John http://www.harringtonbuilders.co.uk/
A big thank you as well to my fantastic decorator David Fitzgerald http://www.creative-decorating.co.uk/
And of course my sparkly electrician Graham Simmons http://luxelec.co.uk/
A special thank you to Peter Schneiter who took all the after photographs http://www.peterschneiter.com/ 
Emmanuelle Lemoine

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