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Monday, 23 September 2013

100% Design 2013

September again! Time flies, and here is the month of all the shows back again! Let's start with 100% Design one of my favourite, because you see there things you will not see anywhere else, and this year is no exception.
Let start with.... baths! Yes, I don't know why, but it sounds like I have been involved in many bathrooms recently, so when I go to a show I look at baths and accessories differently.
In term of baths I have seen the bad the ugly and... the beautiful! (Phew!)
So here is my selection of baths, some are very nice and others are a bit.... well, you tell me!
I must say that sometimes, luxury is not in tune with taste.... but you decide....



All the previous baths are from the Bath Boulevard shown at 100% Design and curated by Designer Kitchen & Bathroom magazine more information can be seen http://www.kb-network.co.uk/index.php/easyblog/entry/bath-boulevard-at-100-design-2013

I must say that my favourite bath, which I tried, was this one, by Victoria and Albert http://www.ptranson.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8&Itemid=10#.UkBYmX5wacw

First of all I like the shape, which is organic, secondly it is incredibly comfortable, and thirdly it uses less water! So this bath ticks all the boxes, really!

Following the baths, let's stay in the facilities. I have just finished designing a Ladies powder room, so my attention was attracted by the men's facilities... (yes, I am ready for the men's room now!!!)
Aren't these urinals absolutely fantastic! (and there are illuminated ones as well..... so you sure you won't miss the target even in the dark!) http://www.philipwattsdesign.com/products/sinks-and-urinals/urinals

Still in the bathroom, these amazing wash basins, made out of lava from Volvic and glazed, an absolute beauty! http://www.pyrolave.fr/pyro/eng/salles-de-bains/salles-de-bains_pyrolave.htm
and so many lovely lively colours to choose from.

Leaving the bathroom area, I though this sort of coat hanger was a marvel as it is sleek, stylish and can find its space in any corridor. http://www.architonic.com/pmsht/horizon-bulo/1142209
Of course lighting is always one of my favourite, so as a apprentice musician myself, I really loved this light fitting from Delightful, yes, the name says it all! http://www.delightfull.eu/en/

More lighting, this lovely creative set of light fitting, which all have a story behind them, from http://www.tobyhouse.co.uk/

For example this fitting first made me thing about time spent at the hair dresser... and then of course I realised it was a beach ball... oh lovely for a child's room.

Or this fitting, which you can order with the colour of your choice for border, really nice!
Colours were all over the show, look at these office chairs, specifically designed for women, and I can assure you, very comfortable! I tried them. www.officeline.se

And I really loved these colourful settee in shape of letters, so you can write your message in the waiting room... There was also some interesting lighting there...http://www.tabisso.com/home.html

There was a section of the show called eco... and as usual, I couldn't see anything really eco, apart from a lot of green-washing. Until I discovered this amazingly clever concept of tiles without grouting, so when you are finished with the tiles, they don't have to go to landfill, but could be re-used somewhere else, even by somebody else! http://www.solusceramics.com/downloads/dry%20fit%20system%20pdf002.pdf

 And the good thing, is that the tiles don't have to be boring to work with the system:

 So, really this must be the closest a tile can go to deserve an eco-appellation.

And if we stay with the idea of finding eco-friendly product, here is another I found there, a system for under-flooring heating that is cradle to cradle certified according to the sales person on the stand!
 The company is specialised in salvaged flooring and has completed its green idea by finding an economic and efficient heating system that could be combined with their flooring. I really thought this was really interesting and can't wait to try it out!

Every year I love looking at Boca do Lobo (http://www.bocadolobo.com/) original piece of furniture, and this year I had to try this chair, and believe me, I didn't fall!

Now to finish I wanted to add this lovely mosaic, and I must say that I am not always a mosaic admirer, and this one was absolutely a stopper. http://www.southbankmosaics.com/gallery/

This is how my visit to 100% Design finishes this year. It was again a real pleasure to see and discover novelties out there.

Emmanuelle Lemoine 

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  1. Must say that these are some ghastly baths! You were too nice not to mention it. However loved the green tiles and the under floor heating.